Thintech Concrete

ThinTech Concrete

Thintech Concrete

It offers superior moisture protection, guarding against mold, mildew, water damage, and the elements; it’s also stain-resistant against mild acids, making it perfect for industrial or commercial settings, effective against bird and animal waste, ideal for coastal areas, and fights various stains like oil and grease, ensuring concrete surfaces remain clean and fresh even with heavy use.

Use Cases

Woodguard Decor
Wooden Décor
Woodguard Antique Preservation
Antique Preservation
Woodguard Patio and Fences
Patio and Fences
Woodguard Wooden Interiors
Wooden Interiors

How to apply?

Aquafence Surface Preparation
1. Surface Preparation
PH icon
2. Validate Ph and Moisture Level
Aquafence Application Method
3. Coat using HVLP sprayers

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