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Delivering Invisible, Long-lasting Hydrophobic Protection for Porous Mineral Surfaces


A super hydrophobic coating, available in both solvent-based and water-based options, that invisibly absorbs into porous mineral surfaces like walls, concrete, and bricks while retaining substrate breathability, enhancing UV resistance, and preventing waterborne defects with a “Spray and Stay” 2-step process, offering long-lasting protection of over 5 years and safeguarding against ingress of waterborne chlorides, efflorescence, and sulphates.

Use Cases

Aquafence Brick Facades
Brick Facades
Aquafence Concrete Facades
Concrete Facades
Stone Facades
Aquafence Exterior Walls
Exterior Walls
Ancient Architecture Restoration
Aquafence Industrial Building
Industrial Building
Aquafence Resorts in Coastal Areas
Resorts in Coastal Areas

How to apply?

Aquafence Surface Preparation
1. Surface Preparation

Ensure that the surface is cleaned and free of dust, dirt, oil and stains. Remove efflorescence, fungus, and mold if present.

Aquafence Application Method
2. Application Method

For concentrated form dilute in a ratio of 1:8. Apply using a brush, roller, or low-pressure sprayer. Apply on a dry surface till saturation.

Aquafence Curing
3. Curing

Let the surface cure for up to 72 hours to achieve the best performance.

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