A quick-drying, ready-to-use, solvent-based non-film forming coating solution that, when applied, creates odorless hydrophobic surfaces on various fabric types while remaining free from heavy metals, tin, and fluorochemicals.

Use Cases

Fabguard Upholstery
Fabguard Carpets
Fashion and Apparel
Fabguard Exterior Furniture
Exterior Furniture
Fabguard Handbags
Table Cloth
Table Cloth

How to apply?

Aquapel Admixture
Step One

Winone Aquapel is added to the fresh concrete mix during the mixing process. It should be added to the mixing/hydration water in the desired quantity and mixed well with water.

Step Two

This water can then be added using the regular technique of adding water to the mixture of cement, sand, fly ash, and/or other materials and mixing thoroughly.

Aquapel Admixture1
Step Three

It is essential to follow the recommended dosage rates. Recommended for use at a rate of 0.1-03% w/w of cementitious material. Contact the Technical Team for assistance.

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