Feukem Fire Retardant Coating

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Product Description

Certified for 120 minutes of fire protection, this coating meets global standards (BS 476, ASTM E 119) for stability, integrity, and insulation. Eco-friendly with low VOC, it preserves aesthetics, offers easy application, and proves durable against impact and corrosion. With a 12-month shelf life and quick-drying formulation, it ensures both longevity and efficiency in safeguarding structural steel.

  • Fire Rated Duct Work
  • Fire Rated Steel Structures
  • Fire Rating of Petroleum & Gas Industries – Hydrocarbon Fire
  • Electrical Cable Coatings
  • Electrical Shaft Penetration sealing
  • Curtain walls, Duct openings sealing
  • Vertical & Horizontal Penetrations
  • Insulation Protection for condensation & UV control
  • Fire Rated Duct Joint sealants & Gaskets
  • Heat Reflective Paint for metal and RCC buildings

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